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Early in life, the children in my family were expected to read and memorize quotes for the purpose of sharing them with our mother. Mother enjoyed telling stories about her childhood and teaching values; she wanted us to be productive citizens. She read anything that time allowed.  Between work and caring for us, you wouldn't think she had as much time to read as she did. I recall my mother being fascinated with cross-word puzzles. Perhaps that substituted for the books that she couldn't focus on with us calling her name. Later in life, I became a lover of crossword puzzles. Like mom, I also became an avid reader. Today, I read,write and share stories with my students and anyone who is willing to listen. My mothers love for reading rubbed off on me in more ways than one.  Join Us as we share book love on a higher level! 

Beverly F. Jones [Ms.B, The Storyteller]

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