Welcome to our Community Reading Option!


We are excited about the possibility of you booking The Fun Reading Club Program for your next community event.


Whether it's a Mommy, Daddy & Me video story, or a large family event such as a special birthday. School events have a base rate of $100 per hour - according to needs. In any case, Ms.B, The Storyteller is ready to entertain your crowd.


The next step is to assess your needs. Please send a very detailed email stating what you want, when you need it, and the budget that you have to get it all done to: msbthestoryteller@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting this page. Chat soon!


Beverly F. Jones,

Program Director

Facebook: BevJones (The Fun Reading Club)

Community Reading Event

  • Budget-based Event Price Programs are specifically for schools and families who want to try The Fun Reading Club, and get to know what it offers - without spending a lot of money.

    In order to effectively operate, we have set the minimum budget for $85 per event hour. This is for schools and families who want online entertainment for up to 4 people, or 4 log-in links to entertain 100 people. You are allowed to be creative with how your viewers participate in our live event, within reason for children and family-based entertainment purposes. We have a strick kindness policy which includes non-descrimination or biases. Name-calling and teasing is not permitted at The Fun Reading Club events.

    Any questions regarding the base price of $85, or our Kindness Policy may be sent to Beverly Jones, Program Director, via the contact us page.