This Pip Book is entitled: Pip Takes a School Pic


Pip is a very intuitive young girl who is charged with helping with her little brother who she effectionately calls "Brother!

Pip stretches her eyes and use tons of emphesis during her stories because Brother stays in trouble.


Pip references her mother in most Pip Books. Although her mother is a ghost character (meaning not visible) she offers her wisdom in support of her children. Brother is still little. This means he is still learning how to behave in social settings.


Each Pip Book feature "Social Tips from Pip" and a comprehension page. With Pips charming sense of humor, your student are sure to enjoy - if not roll on the floor with laughte r. Pip books are affordable and may be used as problem-solving tools for children who require a lot of patience like her brother. Cost: $10 per - 6x9  inch - black and white copy. This book is a flexible paper back binder for easy use. One book can be used around your entire school.

*There is a license to buy a reprintable version of the book. This helps you  avoid copyright infrindgement fees of $10 per duplicated "page". This equals approximately $160 per book if you copy, or reprint without express written permission.


Beverly F. Jones, Author and copyright owner.

School Pic