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Jones Educational Consulting,LLC's

The Fun Reading Club / Publishers

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Regarding Shipping...

As our company Jones Educational Consulting, LLC grows, we may offer a different answer regarding this matter. Honestly, shipping and arrival time depends on the quantity, and service providers used to get your order out to you.  If you order from a guest on our site, you may email your concerns to us, but your concerns will be forwarded to the person or company whose product you received. If our product has been sold to you second highhandedly, please advise us immediately as copyrights apply.


Helpful Suggestions...

We suggest ordering at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to ensure that your product reaches you in time. Email us prior to purchasing an item if you have doubts as a consumer. We are a small business who cares about quality of service; therefore we are straightforward regarding the answers and solutions we provide.

Return & Exchange Policy

This is Jones Educational Consulting,LLC's return & exchange policy section. This is a great place for us to let all customers know what to do in case they’ve changed their mind about their purchase, or if they’re dissatisfied with a product.


Understand that we may not be able to satisfy each persons mood; but we strive to meet our customers needs by being honest, and maintaining a straightforward refund or exchange policy.


We feel that this is a great way to build trust and reassure customers that they can buy with confidence; and help them understand that buying under a NO REFUND/ and minimum exchange policy is also their choice to make as the consumer.


Having dealt with those who seek to take the advantage of others, we also set policies that we feel are fair for us as small business owners, and customers. If Jones Educational Consulting,LLC posts a product, or book, we stand behind that product as quality.

Here's what we are willing to do to keep customers satisfied:

If you decide you do not want a book, e-book or item, we want to hear from you. We ask that you refrain from calling and speaking out of anger. After hearing your constructive feedback, we may provide another item to replace that item, or offer you a consolation item instead. This could be a totally different item. The other option is to keep the item that you originally purchased as we have a No Refund Policy.

Things to consider when purchasing.

Each person who advertises ,on this site, maintains their individual return and exchange policy. We are only responsible for the items created and designed for sale at Jones Educational Consulting,LLC; which is the business who provides The Fun Reading Club and services to customers. Again, each individual ,who advertises on this site, maintains their individual return and exchange policy.

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