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We want to continue to build trust and reassure customers that they can buy with confidence on our site. We do this by being straightforward in our intentions and providing products that we would also purchase. If you have a concern about a product, contact the person who sold you the product. Keep in mind we have a variety of professionals who sell products on our site. You may email your concerns to us, and we will assist you by forwarding the message to the seller. If Jones Educational Consulting,LLC is the seller, we will handle your concern with integrity. We will email you a resolution in order to document that we did our best to treat you like we would treat family. Please refrain from using words that are unpleasant when contacting us regarding customer care.

Thank you in advance.


Privacy & Safety

One benefit of being a small business is integrity is important to us.


Please note that we use caution when securing companies who help us collect payments from you. See the privacy policy on that company's page prior to making your purchase. This includes they way third-party bankers/collectors verify payment, and collect other data.


Jones Educational Consulting,LLC currently use the gmail emailing system. In order to protect our info and yours, we use 2 forms of verification for entering the email system.

We share this info so that you may know that when you sign up for our newsletter, we will contact you from a system that we also feel is secure.


We do not share your emails with a variety of people, however, gmail and others who are more technologically sound may collect data in their own way. They collect mine, with permission as a user of their service.


Jones Educational Consulting,LLC will only contact users after their purchase has been completed, in order to find out if they are satisfied with their service or product. If your email is not on file, we ask that you email us a testimony.

Newsletters will only be sent once a month. Any solicitation will be done via newsletters, or on The Fun Reading Club's social media outlets at, Facebook & Instagram: The Fun Reading Club, and Facebook:BevJones. We will not sell your email for third party soliciting without your knowledge.

Our user’s privacy is of the highest importance to our business. Any updates will be posted here.

Wholesale Inquiries / Our Mission...

We are often interested in taking business to another level. We do this with integrity, not out of greed. The full intention of our company is to serve the people, for the love of reading.

If you have a proposal, let's talk. Please do not contact us if you do not intend to give us time to

consider or counter your offer. At Jones Educational Consulting,LLC, we share love on a higher level;

therefore, money is important, but it's not what makes up wake up to serve our customers on a daily basis.

If you are interested in purchasing books or other items for resale, please be prepared to explain how you plan to use our material in writing. Integrity is important to us. Even when someone else sells our product, we want to ensure that it will be sold and used in ways that support our mission of helping children develop the love of reading one great story at a time.

Note: Discounts will be provided on books for those who purchase 100 copies or more.

Beverly F. Jones, Business Owner/Author

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